At RSM we own specialized equipment, such as frames and hydraulic hoist capacities up to 60 tons.

Some of the equipment that we have, we can mention:

  • Hoists with capacities from 2 tons to 60 tons. Equipped with a Boom.
  • Hydraulic frames (Gantries) with capacity of 250 tons to 500 tons. 
  • Industrial cranes for work in confined spaces of 15 Ton. up to 75 tons. 
  • Turtles for movement of air machinery with capacity up to 36 tons (Air dollies). 
  • Work at height lifting equipment. (Man Lifts)
  • Equipment for alignment and leveling of precision machinery.
  • Tooling necessary for manoeuvring in confined spaces. 
  • Welding machines, compressors and generators.
Installation of 400 ton press for international KSR , Saltillo Mexico.

In RSM safety and quality of our services is our commitment. Courses and training to our staff is our priority.